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Bridger Natural Medicine Clinic provides cutting-edge, affordable naturopathic primary health care services in a comfortable, judgment-free environment. The work that our naturopathic doctors do sets us apart from other physicians in the area. We take pride in providing safe, personalized men's and women's health care services.

Our all-natural medicine clinic is home to Dr. Lemley and Dr. Ania Smith. Dr. Lemley is a licensed naturopathic practitioner with extensive primary care experience. He's the only certified menopause clinician in southwest Montana. Dr. Ania Smith is our new Resident Physician and is now seeing New Patients.

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As we age, our bodies transition through many different stages. Some of these stages affect people in serious ways. Our all-natural medicine clinic specializes in alleviating the ailments associated with aging.

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You can expect your initial consultation to take 1 1/2 to 2 hours. This allows us to get the big picture of your physical condition and provide a thorough Q&A session.

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