Functional Medicine


Naturopathic Doctors (ND's) are the originating experts and founders of that which has been termed "Functional Medicine." Functional medicine is a system of medicine that focuses on the optimal functioning of the body and is apart from simply placing focus on specific symptoms or a single disease process. An ND's aim is to determine how and why illness occurs and then we work alongside the patient to restore health by addressing the root cause of disease. Using clinical nutrition such as vitamins and minerals, herbs, hormones, homeopathy, other therapeutic modalities to address brain chemicals and neurotransmitter functioning, inflammatory and stress molecules, gut microorganisms, antibodies, and so much more. ND's have many tools in their arsenal of interventions from which to choose. We address the body as a whole and complex organism which is in a constant state of motion seeking a constant state of homeostasis and balance. ND's bring balance to biochemistry while investigating to understand the root cause of symptoms or illness by giving the body the ingredients to heal itself. The body is wise, has its own innate wisdom, and wants to function well. When given the opportunity in a ripe environment, the body does the work as it knows what to do. This leads to better energy, improved mood, uncomplicated digestion and better gastrointestinal functioning, better sleep, prevention of disease, and an overall improved sense of well being.


  • Identifying individual biochemical imbalances
  • Bringing balance to biochemistry for whole-body healing
  • Better energy, improved digestion, better sleep, overall improved sense of well-being
  • Identifying specific vitamins and nutrients that your individual system needs to run smoothly