Weight Management in Bozeman, MT

In working in women’s health for close to two decades, weight and weight management has consistently become an ongoing topic with the majority of women seen at Bridger Natural Medicine Clinic of Bozeman, MT... especially as they transition towards menopause.

During the perimenopausal or menopausal transition, all too often a women will put on 5, 10, perhaps 15 extra pounds right around the mid-section during this time of hormonal fluctuations. This area of weight gain has proven to be the most difficult to take off no matter how hard someone diet’s and exercises. Calories do not regulate metabolism. Our hormones regulate metabolism. This is why so many diets fail. Proper hormone restoration and function is instrumental in keeping those unwanted pounds off. However even when someone is doing “all the right things” of eating well and managing their hormones, weight gain can still be frustrating and troublesome.

​Dr. Lemley incorporates a variety therapeutics into a weight management protocol to facilitate healthy and lasting weight management:

  • Hormone Management and Hormone Testing (all hormones like thyroid, estradiol, estriol, cortisol, DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, etc) for optimal health.
  • Testing insulin, blood sugar tests, and other tests for insulin resistance
  • 5-MTHFR genetic testing
  • Vitamin D and specific nutrient testing
  • Digestive analysis/stool testing
  • Food sensitivity testing (a common culprit)
  • Clinic Nutrition
  • Incorporation of Intramuscular injections
A nice enhancement to facilitating weight loss is with intramuscular injection therapy. This consists of:
  • Vitamin B12, B6, and...
  • Lipo-Vite Injections
  • Lipo-Vite Injections, and...
  • GLP-1 and GIP injections, such as Ozempic and Terzepatide

What are Lipo-Vite Injections?

Lipo-Vite injections are a combination of vitamins and lipotropic agents which help the body lose weight. These consist of 1-2 times a week, single intramuscular injections (usually to the buttock), to help the body increase its metabolism of fat and to facilitate weight loss. A list of ingredients are found on the page About Injection Therapies, or for a free download with more info on Lipo-Vite, Click Here.

If interested in receiving these Lipo-Vite injections to facilitate better weight management and enhance weight loss, contact the office manager Amy at: 585-0205 to schedule a time. It is recommended to get at least a months worth of injection for starters. The cost is $75- per injection. The benefits are increased energy, some mild appetite suppression, and better overall metabolism of carbohydrates into fat and energy.

It needs to be emphasized there is no "magic bullet" for weight loss. However, when someone is incorporating the mainstays of a good healthy diet and appropriate hormone restoration, yet still experiencing difficulty in losing weight, then these injections may be useful for the body's ability to burn off those stubborn pounds gained during the perimenopause/menopause transition.

What Are GLP-1's and GIP's?

GLP-1's and GIP's are a group of peptide and polypeptide injections that have received an incredible amount of attention of late. Commonly known as Ozempic and Tirzeptitide, GLP-1's and GIP's can be utilized for certain medical indications to manage diabetics, blood sugars, insulin levels, and to facilitate weight loss. At Bridger Natural Medicine Clinic, we prefer to use these medications as an option of last resort, focusing first on establishing a foundation that facilitates normal weight and positive weight management. If indicated, these medications can be elected however short term use is preferred until a goal weight is achieved. In the meantime, we work with our patients to establish the foundations of healthy diet, lifestyle, good hormonal health to use as a bridge so the benefits can be maintained once these medications are discontinued.